Instructional Design and Development

Good instructional design is hard to define; but when you experience it, you know it.

When done right, it presents concepts clearly with the correct amount of review, practice, and real-world application. It flows and follows a logical progression. Concepts build on one another and are not randomly placed. Adult learning principles are considered and reflected in the design. Learners are required to think, pay attention, and remember key concepts. Good instructional design makes a difference in the success of your initiative.

Our clients rely on us to:

  • Determine the information that is really required and the best way to present it
  • Create real-life applications, activities, practice opportunities, and assessments
  • Partner with SMEs to document processes or product information to ensure the learners really understand
  • Assess the needs of diverse learners and determine their skills and comfort with an upcoming change initiative
  • Create clear, concise, and compelling training materials, facilitator and participant guides, and job aids

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What Guides Us?

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